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Wildlife veterinarians work daily on medical cases, managing endangered species, ensuring wild animal populations' health, and preventing diseases from spillover to humans. However, this is a challenging job. At the Wild Spirit Fund, we aim to increase the African continent's wildlife vet capacity, to be where endangered species need us and to prevent future pandemics.

Current Wildlife Vet Gaps

In the past 50 years, Emerging Infectious diseases (EIDs) affecting wildlife and humans have quadrupled. 70% of EIDs are zoonoses (animal diseases); however, in most cases triggered by anthropogenic (human origin) actions. Simultaneously, 60% of the wildlife population has declined due to human activities.

Despite the great need for wildlife veterinarians, there is a notorious Gap in wildlife medicine and surveillance studies at the frontline of the ecosystem’s health.

Lack of Capacity

There is a significant need for well-trained wildlife veterinarians able to save the remaining endangered species when it is time.

Lack of One Health projects

There is a significant need for meaningful health surveillance research and project wildlife in the wild.

Lack of Equipment

It is an essential well-equipped laboratory at the wildlife-human interface.

We need Veterinary clinical equipment at wildlife rescue centres and for clinical emergencies at the field.

Here is a challenging reality and the need to fill the current gap to conserve species and prevent future pandemics.

Acciones de campo


Wildlife Veterinary Medicine Training


Estudios de vigilancia de wildlife populations. 


Estudios de vigilancia de la resistencia a los antibióticos en la población salvaje.


Laboratory and Clinical equipment 


Fundraising and global awareness 


Daily veterinary work with diverse wild species. 


Wildlife Medicine & Surgery

Hundreds of wild species, including endangered animals treated across Africa.

Widlife Conservation

Working in collaborating with antipoaching units and managers implementing tools to protect wildlife.

Sustainable economy & Ecosystem Health

We are guaranteed a sustainable economy and human health by ensuring wildlife populations and ecosystem health.

Desarrollo de la capacidad

Formación de tres veterinarios e investigadores locales de fauna salvaje. Contribución a la salud de la fauna a largo plazo, la salud pública y la creación de empleo. 

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Conoce al equipo

Dr Quesada, Fabiola

DVM, MsD PhD st, MRCVS. Veterinarian. Founder Wild Spirit Fun

Dr Brendan Tindall

Dr Tindall, Brendan

BVsC, SAVA. Veterinarian. Rhino Medicine specialist


Dr Caldwell, Peter

BVsC, SAVA, MRCVS. Veterinarian. Big Cats Medicine specialist

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