Your enterprise can be the support that wildlife is waiting for

Wild Spirit Fund is your partner in Wildlife Conservation

Why Partner with us?

Reputable wildlife experts represent Wild Spirit Fund; Transparency is our totem. There is no intermediate between your company and us. Your contribution goes directly to the wild.

Today companies can leave a positive mark on the planet by collaborating with projects like ours. Our project has a proven positive impact on society and nature.

It is a fact that companies that commit to this commitment get many more tax advantages as well: prestige, customer and supplier loyalty, increased sales, better financial backing and more motivated workers.

Fiscal benefits

You can get significant tax reductions based on your donation and the company’s country location.

Institutional Progress

Increase your prestige and loyalty

Offset your carbon footprint

Direct credits to offset your carbon footprint.

A future for all

Ensure the protection of natural ecosystems and wildlife, and you will protect the health and future of all species, including humans.

UN sustainable goals

Meets 16 of the 17 UN goals.

Know our 2022 Impact

By partnering with Wild Spirit Fund, our Impact is your Positive Footprint. 

How Support Us

Join Us

Support our projects, protect wildlife and offset your carbon footprint. 

For bank transfers, please, contact us: at

Equipment Supply

Wild Spirit Fund has a vast network of projects where we often need material and equipment support. Example of current urgent needs:

  • International freight transport
  • 4×4 vehicles in Gabon
  • Laboratory equipment and supplies
  • Medical and surgical equipment and supplies
  • Solar panels
Marketing & Communication services

Wild Spirit Fund requires the support of professionals motivated by helping the environment and wildlife and to create awareness initiatives, scientific distribution and fundraising through areas such as:

  • Marketing and publicity
  • Content writing or community manager
  • Customer Support
  • Computer development

Email us at or set a meeting if your company would like to collaborate with any of these services as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility.

Institutions supporting us

Luiza Laffitte®

Set a meeting

Contact us, and together we will find the best way to collaborate so your entity has the most significant positive impact on wildlife conservation.

Book an online meeting with our Founder and current President, Dr Fabiola Quesada.

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