What are we working on

Our projects do not have intermediaries. Your contribution goes directly to the field.

Our teams of experts work daily protecting Nature and ensuring health for all species, including humans.

Gabon, Africa.

Prevention of infectious risk diseases affecting great apes and humans. Protection of its natural ecosystem through sustainable development and professional training.

Tanzania, Africa.

Coexistence with wildlife. Education, health and food in our Masai school bordering Serengeti NP.

DRC, Africa.

Veterinary clinic equipment in chimpanzee rescue center.

South Africa, Africa.

Veterinary and management measures that join to anti-poaching efforts.

Gabon, Africa.

Monitoring and protection measures of marine turtles population and health.


Veterinary daily work saving endangered species. Global wildlife veterinarian training. One Health Studies and Conservation Medicine.

What is our impact?

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