Wild Spirit Fund is a non-profit foundation born in Africa led by an international network of wildlife professionals, scientists and veterinarians. WSF takes conservation medicine and One Health as its pillars.


Our mission is to guarantee wildlife health and conservation within its natural habitat.


Build the capacity and required support to conserve endangered species in the wild, healthy ecosystems, and consequently protect human health.

How to do it?

Promoting meaningful research programs in the wild

In areas where the anthropogenic impact has the potential to disrupt the natural balance triggering emergency infectious diseases among species, including the Homo sapiens.

Capacity Buiding

We are establishing effective monitoring, prevention and rapid action systems for diseases affecting wildlife populations.
We are training and equipping wildlife veterinarians to save endangered species.


We are connecting those who want to protect nature with professionals who can do it.

Protecting Natural Ecosystems

and its biodiversity through sustainable intergenerational development and working with local communities by promoting wildlife-human coexistence.

Context: Scientific Facts

Emerging infectious diseases (EIDs) directly threaten global health and have quadrupled in human incidence in the last 50 years. Alongside land loss, climate change and poaching, infectious diseases are the number one threat to wildlife.


The rise of emerging infectious diseases and climate change is a current problem affecting many species on this planet, including Homo sapiens.


In the past 50 years, Earth has lost 60% of its wildlife. Most humans are unaware of the speed at which this mass extinction is occurring, yet humanity is the cause.


There is a need for more infrastructure, veterinary and scientific training in in-situ conservation projects. The current Gap is impeding the successful development of One Health and Conservation Medicine projects, monitoring infectious diseases and treating and managing endangered wild animals.

Why are EIDs increasing in recent decades, and how is it linked with biodiversity loss?

Since 1970, the human population has doubled, and wildlife has halved. In parallel, numerous studies confirm that anthropogenic changes (deforestation, climate change, chemical pollution, loss of biodiversity, etc.), together with the current boom in illegal wildlife trafficking, are the same factors that increase the likelihood of manifestation of Emerging Infectious Diseases with cross-species infectious capacity, including zoonotic diseases (diseases of animal origin with the ability to infect humans).


The SARS-COV19 virus of the Coronavirus family and the so-called climate change has come into our lives, compromising our health, economy and morale, manifesting as an unexpected natural phenomenon. However, there is little surprising about it. For more than a decade, scientists and veterinarians at the forefront of conservation medicine have been raising the alarm about the risk to the health and future of humankind posed by the assault on wildlife and the destruction of our planet.

Immersed in an artificial world and disconnected from the natural one, it has taken a nano-millimetre pathogen (COVID)  and a giant (Climate change) to show us the simile between the fragility of our system and Nature. On the other hand, fires, droughts and floods show the overwhelming force of Nature, a series of events far more aggressive and sudden than any climatologist predicted. The disruption of the Natural balance is occurring, bringing devastating consequences to ALL species, including Homo sapiens. As those responsible for this complex reality, it is time to stop abusing our power and use the wisdom that makes us unique as a species as a power to protect.

In the last 50 years, the human population has doubled and tripled in Earth’s natural resources consumption, while the wildlife population has halved. Some of the most iconic species have been drastically reduced. There are barely 400,000 elephants, 20,000 lions, 10,000 rhinos and 7,000 cheetahs left, and all continue to decline in numbers. If these rates continue, the numbers may reach zero in the next 10 to 20 years.

Biodiversity loss, illegal wildlife trafficking and destruction of natural habitats are the main reasons for the spread of pathogens and the increase of emerging infectious diseases, which have cross-species infectious capacity.

We are experiencing the Sixth mass extinction, and the first triggered by a species, the Homo sapiens

Wild Spirit Fund is a non-profit organisation, born out of a decade of work in Africa and led by an international network of wildlife professionals, scientists and veterinarians. Our mission is to ensure
the health and protection of wildlife in the natural ecosystem in which they live.
Wild Spirit Fund is based on the scientific movements of “Wildlife Conservation Medicine” and “One Health”; the former aims to identify the impact of the human footprint on the natural ecosystem; both assume the intimate correlation between the health of ecosystems, animals and humans.

"Years of experience working in the field have made me sensitive to the desperate reality of the natural world, have given me knowledge, but above all, the understanding of the gaps and what is required in this fight against the clock".

At Wild Spirit Fund, we are committed to interdisciplinary projects working in collaboration with professionals who focus on wildlife health and conservation and the sustainable development of local communities.

Our actions are not only guaranteeing the future of wild species but also that of humanity.

"For wildlife species to become extinct, all we need to do is NOTHING".

As the Founder of Wild Spirit Fun and a veterinarian, I refuse to accept that the power of those willing to destroy exceeds the capacity of professionals prepared to protect. At the Wild Spirit Fund, we connect those who want to help conserve nature with those who can. We count on you.

Wild Spirit Fund – CEO & Founder

Dr Fabiola Quesada Elephant
Dr Fabiola Quesada Fernández
"In a world that lacks leaders, be an inspiration".
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