Wildlife Conservation Medicine

We strive for the health of ecosystems, the protection of biodiversity and the future of our planet.

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Wild Spirit Fund is a non-profit Foundation born in Africa and led by an international network of wildlife experts: scientists and veterinarians. WSF takes wildlife conservation medicine & One Health as its pillar. Our mission is to ensure the health and protection of wildlife in its natural ecosystem.

At Wild Spirit Fund, we work daily to ensure the future and health of all species, including humans.

Nature connects us all and is the key to the species' future, including humans.

Priority aid projects

These projects need urgent support. Thank you for being here!

Gabon, Africa.

Prevention of infectious risk diseases affecting great apes and humans. Protection of its natural ecosystem through sustainable development and professional training.

Tanzania, Africa.

Coexistence with wildlife. Education, health and food in our Masai school bordering Serengeti NP.

DRC, Africa.

Veterinary clinic equipment in chimpanzee rescue center.

South Africa, Africa.

Veterinary and management measures that join to anti-poaching efforts.

Gabon, Africa.

Monitoring and protection measures of marine turtles population and health.


Veterinary daily work saving endangered species. Global wildlife veterinarian training. One Health Studies and Conservation Medicine.

Areas we work in

Wildlife Conservation Medicine
Scientific Projects

Wildlife Veterinary
Capacity Building

Human-Wildlife Coexistence

Endangered Species

Changing the anthropogenic impact into a positive footprint

2022 Achievements

Wildlife Conservation and Health.

Education, Coexistence with wildlife, Gender equality & Job creation.

Social and Ecological Awareness.

Institutional Collaboration

Support Us

We refuse to think that the impact of those willing to destroy is greater than the power of professionals prepared to protect. However, we need your support for wildlife experts in the field to succeed.

For the species to continue becoming extinct, all we have to do is do nothing. The time to act is now or never. Together we can make a difference.

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